Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

So you have a new addition to your family and would like to formally announce the names you have bestowed.

The Naming Ceremony is the official welcoming of your baby into the family unit.  It is one of the first milestones and Rites of Passage you will celebrate throughout her/his life.  The bestowing of the name you have given to your child is recognised by anointing and pledge es given by her/his Guardians/Godparents or Sponsors – to always stand by and be there fore her/him…. Now and always.

Such a Ceremony can be held at a relaxed setting and can reflect the acknowledgement of relationships of close friends and family members. I have some fun children’s music, which sets a great mood .

Of course a Naming Certificate and a booklet with the magic of this ceremony published as a memento.

The WishingBox

I will write a story about the meaning of your child's name and create a WishingBox. Everyone who is present will write a message of love and support for him/her. This message will be placed in the WishingBox for his/her future reference. It will be a comfort as he/she gets older and he/she can refer to it when ever he/she needs love and re-assurance. It is a time capsule and an indelible way for those who love him/her to welcome this new member to the family.

The Naming Blanket

A baby blanket embroidered with the baby’s name and date i s given with the intention that it will bring warmth and comfort for years to come.
A Ceremony can be created to incorporate the naming of the whole & Brady Bunch”. This is magic indeed!