Julie's Magic Carpet Ride - Julie Ferguson Marriage Celebrant

Julie’s Magic Carpet Ride

Julie's Magic Carpet Ride

Hello Everyone….

DRY JULY -  and I am not talking the abstaining from alcohol …  Great weather for planning events such as weddings…. But considering that just 50 kms west of here at Cessnock, there is not a blade of grass  in the paddocks and there has been a lot of incidents of colic, which has proven to be fatal to many of my friends precious horses.

Such was the case only last week, with the passing of “Big Bad Bronson Cole”, the beautiful Clydesdale, who had transported the Bride, Ashleigh to be married to her Groom, Ashley - as is featured on the sliding photo gallery of my website www.julieferguson.com.au. Sadly, I returned last Saturday (28/7/18)  to officiate at Bronson’s Memorial, where some very funny stories were told about this gorgeous Clydie, with his one blue and one brown eye, veiled by his long forelock and classic white leg feathering running to his gigantic hooves.  

A beautiful tree has been planted as a headstone and a plaque will be installed once the tree has grown and a star has been purchased to honour this beautiful horse forever more.

It got me thinking about Winter in Australia….  more and more, couples are choosing to marry in any one of the many fabulous locations, taking advantage of the cold.  Such was the choice of Laura and Shaun, who chose to exchange their vows in the basket of a hot Air Balloon high above the Broke Valley, with the Pilot and their Photographer, as Witnesses.  As the Marriage Celebrant, it was a thrilling and exhilarating experience, with the cold morning air filling our lungs, the orange and pink sunrise heralding the new day and the white rolling fields of the paddocks below.   The beautiful Bespoke ceremony and their vows were exchanged on steamy outgoing breaths, intermittent pauses as the pilot shot hot flames into the beautiful yellow billowing balloon above, taking us up soaring further up into the cloudless sky, with the Photographer capturing every sensational moment of this wedding.

Also taking advantage of this time of the year was Shannon and Brad, who decided to hold their wedding amongst family and friends, at the bride’s childhood home at Martinsville… A beautiful rural property, set into the hillside, looking over the grassy paddocks below, where cattle and horses grazed.  It meant so much to Shannon, because this is where her Dad had been fatally injured in a farming accident many years ago, when she was young.  Naturally, it felt right, because Shannon felt her Dad was there in spirit, on her very special day.   Everything was perfect…. the sun shone through the hamlet of trees, with the Bride gathering her bouquet from a few chosen special people in her life, the last,  being Shannon’s Mum,  Margaret, who lovingly tied it together with ribbon.   Just beautiful.   Brad walked down and took his Bride by the hand and they walked to stand and be married before me, in front of a natural timber arbour,  which had been created from fallen limbs & branches from the surrounding gum trees. 

If you are considering a wedding, you should look at Winter....  I promise you the photos will be extra special not to mention the many deals available, because it is not peak wedding season.  Even I have been known to discount to sweeten the deal if I officiate.

I am proud to be the Family Celebrant.... I love to be part of the wedding and as Your Celebrant I am there for you, before, during and after.  No stress, plenty of laughs and some memorable ways of saying “I DO”.  I am truly honoured to be: the recommended to be  Celebrant at weddings of families and friends:  to officially name the newest member of the family and, sadly to create a very special farewell, when a love one passes.  In this role as a Funeral Celebrant, I am proud to be associated with Picaluna Funerals – which is a new age Company, giving dignity to Death, in any location, including home, crematoriums, grave sites and public locations, with permission.  Picaluna has a great family of funeral planners, celebrants and speciality consultants, all working together to ensure that the experience is positive, no matter what the cause, religious or cultural beliefs...  A 10% donation to the Charity of choice is also a great idea.  As I say, “You may not have a say on how you come into the World, but you sure can say how you go out”.



 Thank you for being part of my journey and stay tuned for my next blog.

 Julie Fergo!