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Julie’s Magic Carpet Ride

Julie's Magic Carpet Ride


Well here we are already ... MAY, which is one of my favourite times of year.  The weather is gorgeous... with the brilliant golden orange and purple sunrise heralding a new day,  the golden leaves falling from the Liquid Ambers and laying a beautiful carpet over the lawns and driveways.  If you are considering a wedding, you should look at May next year.... I promise you the photos will be extra special not to mention the many deals available, because it is not peak wedding season.  Even I have been known to discount to sweeten the deal.  

I love social media and log in most days.  One day I noticed a message from one of my couples advising me of the tragic motorbike accident, which had taken the life of one of my favourite grooms.  Of course I was shocked to the core and the tragic consequences this would mean to his beautiful wife and family.  So it was gut wrenching to see just how distraught  this young bride of 5 years was.  Within days I came to the family table to start planning one of the most memorable farewells.  You see this young biker was not only a much loved husband, proud Dad, Son, Brother, Uncle.... but he was a friend to so many.  Over 300 mourners attended the Celebration of Life which had been created and planned at that family table on that day.  His own Mother had no idea just how popular her Son was and her advice was to everyone.... slow down, take your time on the road.    His loving Brother talked about the need to pick up the phone and contact the friend or family member you may not have heard from - for whatever reason, because you never know when your time on this Earth is up.   I assured them that everything that was planned was do-able and I am so pleased that this loving act was so appreciated by this special family.  I thank Picaluna Funerals, once again for enabling all the requests - including Bill the 9' dead pet python who had been in the freezer and was placed in the white casket, one extreme example of "do-ables".   VALE  "Tittie" - Tittlemouse the cheeky kid, who grew into "Tittie" a much loved man, full of life, laughter, generosity, love and a really great bloke to know.    I was very proud to be his Celebrant on this occasion and signed the casket "The Lady" -  as  he called me.

I am proud to be the Family Celebrant.... to be there in the good times and to make the bad times not so bad.  My special message today is to make sure when you marry that you follow the links to Change your Name and do the tick list I provide.  Of course one of the most important chores in the process is to write a new Will & Testatment, change your beneficiary of your Superannuation and Life Insurance,  to reflect your new status.  Nobody wants to think about "death" but it is only right that you have a say in what you would like done with your valuables and treasures, when you are gone.

 Thank you for being part of my journey and stay tuned for my next blog.

 Julie Fergo!