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It is never an easy time when a loved one passes on, however it is a time when family and friends can pay tribute to the life of the deceased .  It is a time to reflect on your relationship and to celebrate t he deceases life.  It is the end of a journey and there is a story to be told.

In Australia, we are lucky to be able to have our funerals in any location – be it a park, beach, headland or even an informal gather at home.  Of course consideration needs to be given to weather and special seating may need to be hired and delivered BUT it is still “do able”.

Some of the best funerals I have presided over have been those with personal speakers, maybe a family member or good friend, who share the heart to celebrate a life.  What makes the funeral interesting is the loving photo slide shows, complete with music which the deceased adored, OR,  the well wishes of family and friends invited to place a flower, a butterfly or other be-fitting tribute – a symbolic gesture of well wishes for a much loved life.

I have some great ideas and I would be happy to work with you and funeral home to create a truly magic service.  Maybe you would like to       pre-plan your service with me.  It is not such a bad idea. As one of my clients said “I may not have had a say as to h ow I came into the world, but I sure can say how I am going out” .

As a fully trained and experienced Funeral Celebrant, I will work with you and the funeral director to ensure the service is in keeping with the wishes of all concerned.  Just let the funeral director kow to contact me, at the time of making the arrangements.  The choice of a Celebrant is something that you can make.


In some instances a ceremony or service was not possible for one reason or another.  So a memorial ceremony OR Celebration of Life can be created and delivered at a later date, either at the deceased’s local Club, be it Fishing, Bowling or Golf Club, Graveside (Internment of ashes) or even a Scattering of Ashes at a beach or headland or peaceful spot over the water.   This is another beautiful way to Celebrate a Life .

I have had 2 of my Memorial Services published in American Chronicles.


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